Saint Therese of the Child Jesus

Foreign Terms from the Maronite Antiochene Mass and Their Meanings
By Fr Steve Bonian
From the Liturgy of the Word

DOXOLOGY - Greek for Words of Glory. The Prayer of Glory to the three Members of the Trinity said at the Begging of the two main parts of the Mass; The liturgy of the Word and the Eucharistic liturgy.

HOOSOYO - Aramaic. Jewish origin: Appropriation. Forgiveness. The Liturgy of Absolution at the beginning of the Mass.

PROEMION - Greek: Preface. The Introductory Prayer of the Mass at the beginning of the Hoosoyo liturgy.

SEDRO - Aramaic: Center. Middle. Long. The Middle prayer of the first part of the Hoosoyo liturgy.

ETRO - Aramaic: Incense. The Prayer of Incense at the end of the Hoosoyo liturgy.

TRISAGION Greek: Thrice Holy. The Three times Holy Proclamation prayer in honor of the Trinity. Fifth century in origin.

KOROZOOTO - Aramaic: Preaching, Interpretation. A prayerful reflection on the Gospel theme of that Sunday.

MAZMOORO - Aramaic: Psalm or Psalmody.

From the Liturgy of the Eucharist
PRE-ANAPHORA Greek. The Preparation and Offering of the Gifts before the Consecration.

ANAPHORA - Greek: To raise-up. The Liturgy of the Consecration Proper in the second half of the Mass. Fourth century in origin.

ANAMNESIS - Greek: Remembrance. Memorial. A response to the command of Jesus at the Last Supper to do this in his memorial.

EPICLESIS - Greek: Invocation. To call upon. Prayer during the Consecration asking the Father to send down the Holy Spirit on the holy bread and wine.

QURBONO - Aramaic: Offering, Sacrifice. The liturgical term for the Bread of Offering. The Consecrated Bread for Communion.